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Young Designers and Kids Club 

Young Designers & Kids Club  - Weekly sessions

Kids clubs evening:

The kids club is designed for children aged 7-12 and takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Each session will be led by one experienced, creative teacher and a helper, who will guide the children through projects, host draping competitions, and teach sewing skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Tuesday -         6 pm till  8pm 

Young Designer Sessions: 

The young designer sessions are for creative children aged 12-18 and take place every Tuesday evening. Each session is for student lead in which they bring in their own project and the teacher will guide them through while teaching them craft, sewing, and dressmaking skills. 

Tuesday - 6 pm till 8 pm -  

If you have a budding young designer, please get in touch! If spaces are not available on the day which suits you best, we will have a waiting list or can arrange new sessions if there is enough on certain days and times. 


Thank you for your enquiry about Young Designer program. We'll get back to you very shortly!

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