Young Designers

For Young Designers - fortnightly live sessions


This is a formal educational program, designed specifically for home-educated children - Ages 11-13 & 14-16

City & Guilds Levels l, 2 & 3 are fully accredited recognized on UCAS applications for vocational areas of study (many students have used these skills to gain access to University/College over the last 30 years) 

Delivered online every 2 weeks

  • Level l - One year's study   ■    Level 2 - Two years' study   ■    Level 3 - Three years' study

Summer school & workshops onsite as additional learning elements 

Subjects Taught:


  • Fashion, Pattern Designing, Corsetry, Costume Design, Tailoring, Art & Design, Sports and Swimwear knowledge. 

Enrolments throughout the year, September, January, and April


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