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Become a Member of Young Designers


IDC is running a Young Designer’s club for those aged between 14 – 17. The club aims to give kids the ability to design and sew their own clothes.

As you can see the previous Kid’s club, is now featured in Sew Today and has featured their designs on the Cat walk at the NEC.


The Young Designers of Inkberrow Design Centre have been featured in one of Britain’s monthly sewing magazines – “Sewing Today”. The Young Designers club is for children, ranging in age, from 9 – 16 who have an interest in clothes design and sewing. Created by the successful fashion consultant, Brenda Killigrew, Young Designers get to show off their extraordinary handiwork at fashion events such as the Fashion and Embroidery and Sewing for Pleasure show, 2018.

The designs are testament to the children’s innovative thinking and guidance provided by Inkberrow’s design team who have supported Young Designers since their inception in 2000.

No wonder Young Designers have featured in Sew Today as these are the faces that will drive British fashion ever onward. Congratulations Young Designers of Inkberrow Design Centre !

designs 4.jpg
designs 5.jpg
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